Friday, December 10, 2010


Latest reports indicate that a tidal shift, coupled with the inherent instability of the ever increasing weight of the internet has caused what is being termed by many experts an 'Earth Surge'. The surge has resulted in the earth experiencing its first recorded leap day, as we mourn the loss of the 11th of december. Seismic data is being collected and collated while researchers from many institutions have stepped forth to support the 'jump' model, as the earth halted its rotation, spun back exactly one rotation, then resumed its usual motion in the course of a split second, bringing all life of earth back a day.
This has had far reaching implications, as many time based programs uncoded and recoded themselves in a manner believed to also show the first instances of AI. Chaos has ensued the world over as weapons and equipment the world over has malfunctioned and rised up against the tyranny of man. There have been many reports of laptops snapping shut on peoples hands, and in more than one instance, people have been chased by automatic stapling machines. More seriously, the time shift has throwing the blogging world into chaos, earlier some field reporters managed to secure an interview with a man from melbourne who has been 'shaken' at the results of the date change. 'I was posting my first post ever on my new blog' he quivered, 'After posting I noticed it being labeled for the 10th of december even though I knew it was the 11th!'
Indeed the 11th of december will be sorely missed, charitable foundations have already sprung up to support the memory of one of the nicest days of the year.
To do your part and support the day that you have so often taken for granted, simply send cash by envelope to Sam, 15 Dumpling rd, 3131 Melbourne, Australia.

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