Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oh, and by the way...

Happy new years!

To you faithful readers who have stuck with me through the thick and the thin, happy new years. Hopefully the new year will bring you good fortune in everything you do, a few less kilo's, and a much larger paycheck...
But nice though it'd be, thats not going to happen, this year will in fact be bringing you a slightly larger waistline, marginally less hair, and more pungent body odour.

Many people seem to treat new years resolutions as a bit of an excuse to be under par, to not do as well as they'd hoped because they hoped too high. Bit of a glass-is-half-empty attitude, I on the other hand have resolutions for this blog which i'm inspired to fulfil.
1 - Expand reader base internationally
2 - Expand reader base to 2
3 - Find out how to change the background
4 - Change the background to an image of a lactating gorilla
Again, Happy new years! Lets take 2011 by the nipples and twist and tweak them until it's just the way we like it.


  1. Wow, i've been clicking on your profile as it shows up on my blog for ages and (as it never linked me to an actual blog) wondering when you would get to doing some writing - yet looks like you've been busy for a while.

    Computing fail on my part.

    Like what I see so far (although I largely don't understand it) so keep it up.

    Also there is no "core" in grouping science-fiction (as it is nor porn), it is simply hard science-fiction and soft science-fiction which is not a indication of quality but more of a reference to the hard and soft sciences.

    Hard SF is centred around scientific detail and accuracy and the plot is normally based around scientific speculation (i.e. how could one realistically colonise another planet - such as in the Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson

    Soft SF on the other hand has plots more based around characters/societies/politics etc. and speculates how they may be changed by changes in technology. That doesn't mean that it has no basis in science just that accuracy comes second to concept.

    (i.e. one of my favourite short story collections 'Flatlander' by Larry Niven explores the affects of a heavily overpopulated earth and the rise of advanced medicine and organ transplantation techniques which can greatly extend an individuals life-span - the punishment for every crime becomes being broken down into spare parts and there is a massive rise in kidnapping innocent people and selling thier organs on the black market).